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About Us

Dial a Celeb connects you to your favorite Celebrity with a way no one has ever done it. DAC gives you a chance to live your dream. With DAC you can one-to-one connect with your most loved celebrity. Now make your Phone a "Big Screen" to create contact and get more and more closer to your favorite celebrity.

This is just a start, With DAC you can also connect to the celebs via our Group Chats with trending topics. Follow your Celebrity and see their feeds (Posts and photos), share them in your social network. We have Celebritiess across India with TV and Bollywood stars.

Autographed Merchandise
You can shop for any listed autographed merchandises with DAC, just clicks away now. Make it a souvenir for yourself or gift it to your loved ones.
You can book your favorite celebrities for your wedding ceremony, anniversary party, birthday party, product launch party, ribbon cutting ceremony or even for live shows and concerts. Send your Inquiry for free and get the party started.
Celeb Video Recordings
Want to wish your dearest in a way that is unique and awesome. Wish them through their favorite Celeb. Get a personalized video recording.
Video Chat
You can book your 3-5 minutes Video Chat or Voice Call with your favorite Celeb. This not only gives you a chance to know your Celeb, it gives you an opportunity to get in touch with them one to one and know them personally.

Group Chats

What is trending? You can connect to anyone through our Group Chats with the most trending topics going around the world.

Beat the Fan (BTF)

Want to be the biggest fan? With BTF, now you can write what you admire about your favorite Celeb and show them how you are the "Biggest Fan". If chosen as winner, you can win gift hampers and coupons.

Celebrity News

Follow your Celeb. Get to know them in our feeds. Posts, Photos, Albums and lot more. Like, comment and share on your social network.

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